Wednesday, December 17, 2014


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Wearing:// Sweater: c/o Oasap, Jeans: Asos (I would size down), Jacket: Ba&sh (Free People Cargo Jacket), Shoes: Nike, Bag: Longchamp

         I'm not sure if I've deliberately mentioned it before, but ever since a month or so ago, there has been the cutest market at the Place Du Parlement in Rennes. Adorned with holiday lights and mini shopping stands, the christmas cheer rings throughout this bustling city. As you walk through the three lane, two sided market, you will see things from candles that look like cupcakes, many different types of hats (berets included, of course), sausage, vin chaud, and a variety of holiday cookies. While it is not really a market for holiday shopping like that of the artisan market by La Visitation, the randomness of all the stands combined with the always busy carousel has a certain type of feeling to it. Maybe it's the joyous children on the carousel going 1 mph or the excessive churro line that I always debate joining, but this market is something not to be missed. Despite going practically everyday after school for my friends to get their "Tutti frutti" licorice fish, it just doesn't seem to get old. 

While vin chaud, hot chocolate from Columbus Café, and freshly made speculoos beignets may exist, giant sweaters remain a must here in order to stay warm. I recently received this black + white pocketed one from Oasap, and have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and warmth. I usually don't expect much from Oasap, but I've already worn this sweater a ton since getting it last week! It'll probably join the other boat load of things I bring to Paris on Sunday when I head on the train to Mont Parnasse. I still can't believe it's already break! The only thing standing between me and freedom is two tests and 5 days, which will be met with our holiday spectacle for school on Friday night. I hope you guys enjoy these pictures and I'll to you guys soon! xoxo  

Saturday, December 13, 2014

DIY Apple Tart | French Style

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      Hi everyone! It has been a while since I've done a food related post, and let's be real- food posts are the best types of posts. Considering I'm in the country of baguettes, macaroons, croissants, and most importantly, apple tarts, I thought I'd get some pie making advice from my host mom. (She calls herself the tart queen, so obviously this means business) I'm translating this from French so I'm not sure how accurate it'll be/if the exact ingredients exist elsewhere, but nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy it! It's fairly simple and definitely delicious! If any of you try it, be sure to send me a picture on any of my social media and maybe add the hashtag #lostbutnotfound. I'm off to do some homework and watch the new PLL Christmas special in prep for this last week of school before break- we can do it!! Talk to you guys soon! xoxo


              -6 somewhat large apples 

           -Pâte feuilletée or "puff pastry" (basically the dough which serves as your crust) *You can buy it pre-made in France*

-Butter and sugar (apply as much as you want)


1. Spread out the dough 

2. Cut the apples into thin strips after removing the skin

3. Place the apple strips along the dough in a circular fashion, keeping them tight together. You shouldn't have any left over.

4. Throw on some hunks of butter like the French do best 

5. Place it in the oven at 180 degrees C (356 degrees F) for 30 minutes

6. After 30 minutes have passed, add a ton of sugar, and wait around 15 minutes for it to melt. Check periodically and wait until the sugar has melted while not burning in order to take it out.

7. Let it cool a bit and enjoy with some vanilla ice cream!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Brave Heart


          Ever since the weather got just a little brisker last week, I've been breaking out my go-to scarves and buying overpriced hot chocolate at Columbus Café more often. As I write this post, I'm listening to the always classic "It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas" by Michael Bublé. But the thing is, it doesn't really look or feel like Christmas in France. I never realized why the concept of a White Christmas was so enticing, until now, when I have yet to see snow this year and it's already December 7th! That's definitely not the norm in America. After shooting these pictures with Heather and going into town to do some Christmas shopping, I guess I was really feeling the chilly weather and I actually said, "I love Fall!!!" But then Heather snapped me back to the reality that we are actually on the verge of winter. Apparently, this is the coldest France gets (around 40 degrees Fahrenheit), which is nothing compared to the East coast blizzards.

       And while it may still feel like early Fall in France, with the leaves still visible in the Parc Du Thabor and skirts + tights still a daily option, Christmas break is in just less than two weeks. Sunday of next week, I'll be boarding a train to Paris all by myself, probably coffee, magazine, and camera in hand, headed to what is practically the headquarters for France, as we've learned in Politics class. I'm so glad to be finally going there, because it seems like a lot of my classmates have found ways to get there since when we landed September, but thankfully it is almost break and I myself get to spend quite some time there. If I haven't mentioned this already, I'm also going to Disneyland Paris for a part of break, which I'm pretty stoked about. Mickey, shopping, Christmas décor, France, and family? Couldn't get any better. 

P.S. Nothing says fall like that last leave throwing pic; am I right ladies?! Well, I'm off to watch The Polar Express- I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that y'all are doing well! xoxo Isabelle 

Wearing:// Sweater: Asos, Jeans: Asos (I would size down), Scarf: Asos, Jacket: Ba&sh (Free People Cargo Jacket), Shoes: Doc Marten, Hair Ties: Mane Message

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rennes Roundup #2 | November


[Observing the pretty sunset while waiting for the bus]


[Heather working on our art history questionnaire at the Mont Saint Michel]


[The always gorgeous Rennes architecture]


[Made cookie dough brownies with an oreo in the middle with Heather + Olivia]


[A swanky restaurant at the Mont]

[Delectable cupcakes at the Christmas market]

[The baie at the Mont]


[X-mas market at the Place du Parlement]


[Made apple tart with my host mom]


[Arch envy at the Mont Saint Michel]

Just sitting here to prep for writing this post, I was thinking that it was a while ago that I last did my first Rennes Roundup. However, it was just a mere month ago, at the beginning of November. I still can't believe tomorrow it is already December! Only 19 days till break and Paris with my sister + mom. Here's a little recap of November and I'm sure I'll be back with a photo recap (and video?) of Paris after break! Hope you enjoy. 

So you may or not remember our trip crossing the Baie Du Mont Saint Michel during October, which is a trip to never be forgotten. I described the traumatizing experience in this post, if you'd like to have a look. Thankfully, this trip back did not involve mud but rather architecture and art history questionnaires. We spent a long time studying the architectural and historic aspects of the Mont Saint Michel, and we were required to fill out a two page sheet during our visit. Technically speaking, this was my second time ever going and I definitely enjoyed it more this time because I had more knowledge going into it. Despite being annoyed to have to fill out the packet instead of being able to focus on the structure,  I still enjoyed exploring a bit. 

Besides the Mont Saint Michel trip, November has been pretty low key here. In September and October, it seems like we had school trips more frequently, however after La Toussaint break, getting through this past month seemed impossible. In order to keep sane, food seemed to be a recurring factor in my outings with friends. As of late, there is a Marché de Noel (Christmas Market), which is randomly set up at the Place du Parlement. They have tons of little trinkets and best of all, delicious looking food. I spent a good 10 minutes photographing the cupcakes above because they just looked that good. There was also probably the 3rd carousel in Rennes, which I was tempted to jump on with kids ages 3-5, however Heather turned my request down. In addition to eating out on the regular, I've also baked a bit, which involved some brownies and an apple tart. Just call me Betty Crocker! Jk, jk. 

Speaking of food, the end of this very long month was commemorated with Thanksgiving. While boarding school made me used to missing minor holidays like Halloween and Valentine's day, I've never not been home for Thanksgiving. I have to admit that it was really weird not being home this year with all of my siblings and devouring my mom's many pies. However, we did have a little pie action in France. The French private school by SYA that we all eat lunch at put on a Thanksgiving meal for us, including a great attempt at pumpkin pie and a giant American flag. Walking into the cafeteria to see all of the effort they put into the meal made everyone feel warm and fuzzy. It was awesome seeing their extensive effort and we all really appreciated it. And this past Saturday, I went to a get together with my friends and their host families, which was tons of fun. We had a nice two hour appetizer and mingle sesh before starting the meal, in true Euro fashion. Plus, I got my fair share of pie, turkey, stuffing, and that's really all I could ask for.

How was your Thanksgiving? Delicious?! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Have a nice day. :) xoxo

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Inspiration with Mane Message


      A few days ago, I was sent some adorable hair accessories from Olivia over at Mane Message, an online small business creating headbands, hair ties, and bobby pins galore. Her business began as a low key kind of deal, and it has skyrocketed since her college days when she first started. In the blogging world, it's common knowledge to not expect too much when being sent things from sponsors, however these hair ties are certainly an exception! My friend/photographer Heather and I were pleasantly surprised by how well they hold up, especially with my thick hair. If you have thick hair, you know how difficult it is to not break hair ties on the reg, and these don't break or need prior stretching. Plus, they look a lot cuter than your average hair tie, which usually cut off your circulation. Not fun. In general, they are a perfect holiday gift for your girlfriends or they can even be something to throw in as a stocking stuffer. I was sent the following hair ties (clockwise from the right of the first picture): The Kate Package, The First Date Pin Package, The Pink Glitter Package, and The Aspen Package.  


        I'm normally not a huge bobby pin wearer because of my thick hair (it's a recurring issue, as you can see), however The First Date Pin Package might force me to wear them once in a while. This set is one of the girlier bobby pin sets, including a gold and silver sparkle bobby pin, as well as a plain pink one to make for a blush toned group. If you have shorter hair, these bobby pins would look awesome, whether you clip back your bangs or even just a small bunch of hair for that "vintage" kind of look. And if you're technically savvy, you can do two fish tails with a small bunch of hair and secure it in the back with the pins. Otherwise, you can stick to the classic pin back like Heather did here. You can wear just one on it's own or create a triangle-esque shape like I attempted here. Get creative! 


         In these pictures, I am sporting two of the wintery looking hair ties from The Aspen Package, which is probably my favorite combo. Initially, I was just wearing the glittery white one, and Heather pointed out that adding one of the patterned ones could be interesting, and I have to agree! I was wearing a simpler outfit, and even just adding the Aspen printed blue hair tie added a little holiday fun to my more or less basic outfit. And these hair ties are also very great at holding up, which is definitely a plus. Since cutting my hair, it has gotten easier to braid my hair as time has gone on, but usually my hair ties slide off, and these held up like a charm. Above all, they're awesome because you can easily mix and match them depending on your outfit and how you're feeling! Always good to have some options. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I totally recommend you go take a look at Mane Message, because it really is worth looking at. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo Isabelle 

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