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Wearing:// Top: Aritzia, Pants: Boutique in Paris (Windsor Moto Pants), Cardigan: Aritzia, Shoes: Vince 

I'm not quite sure why I've never showcased these pants on the blog, considering how I've been wearing them TO DEATH lately. I've somehow amassed just about every type of pant in existence over the years, however I've never had a pair quite like these. I wore these moto-style pants often when we were prancing 'round Germany, despite lacking a belt and nearly having my JB moment come to light. I had a sort of rapper look going that I was not quite aiming for, and lets just say it was quite uncomfortable. However, these pictures are from the one weekend where I posted park pictures (belt on check), when the sun was in clear view and the French were soaking it all up. Contrary to today's windy flash-rain weather, I was able to walk around comfortably with just my go-to Aritzia cardigan- no giant winter jacket needed. I feel like I often discuss weather on the blog, however if you lived in Rennes, you would know that the weather and it's incertitude is a major topic of discussion. As the French like to say, "c'est comme ça", which means more or less, "That's just how it is". 

Unfortunately, not much has been going on lately that I can report! It's weird to think we got back from February break roughly a month ago, and this time next month it'll almost be my birthday! The thought of turning 17 in Europe is strange, because I can't exactly get my license while here and so it'll just be another birthday....however, I'll be spending it in Mallorca with my friend Marisa, so it'll be just a teensy tiny bit better than a normal birthday (I'm actually screaming on the inside). We just received our quarter grades, and while my grades are consistent and everything is going well in general, I will certainly welcome spring break with open arms. WIDE OPEN. Until then, I've got one week of school, a nice Easter long-weekend at the host beach-house, and then 4 glorious days until break! Here we go! xoxo Isabelle 


How I Edit | Lost But Not Found

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 It's certainly no secret in the blogging world that when it comes to photography, the editing process is most important. While having a good lens and a camera savvy photographer is helpful, what happens post-camera is vital to creating a clean, quality photo. A while back, I was asked by a reader about how I take outfit photos and how I deal with my editing, and so here's the editing portion! If you guys are interested in the actual picture taking aspect, lemme know in a comment. And if you have any special editing methods, feel free to share that in the comments as well. Hope you enjoy! xx 


       Obviously, the first thing I do once I've taken photos is put them straight onto my computer! Instead of deleting the reject pictures right on my camera, I do the "weeding through" process on my computer so that the data on my sim card doesn't get messed up. I'm not sure the actual technical explanation for that, but just try not to delete right on your DSLR. Something important to note is that I shoot in JPEG + Raw, which means that I have a camera raw and JPEG file for each picture I take. When I was in Prague with Nat Geo, I learned that shooting in Raw makes it A LOT easier to edit things like over exposure and dark shadows. This type of file essentially collects all of the data that could be known to your photo, thereby making it easy to correct the small but annoying details. If you're not really sure what I'm talking about and you're not a huge photography buff, it's totally fine to stick with JPG photos, but shooting in Raw will really help your editing game. (Here's a link that explains this better than me)


         Once I actually have my photos on my computer, I import them into Lightroom, which is a branch off of Photoshop, but wayyyy way better. I used to use Photoshop for blog pictures (and iPhoto before that!), but I found that it made the process a lot more difficult and disorganized. On Photoshop, you can only edit one picture at a time, and once you exit the program, it's hard to go back and make more changes. Before going to Prague, we were required to download Lightroom, and I'm so glad we had to! This program is amazing in the fact that it organizes all of your pictures for you, it has tons of quick editing tools, and it's combines everything about Photoshop into a program that speeds up the otherwise interminable editing process. One thing that I love to do with my pictures besides play with the basic "Develop" adjustments is to use presets. Often, I'm displeased with my pictures, either because a) the lighting wasn't so hot or b) I'm not lookin' so hot either, and presets are sort of like a magic wand.  I've been using Julia Trotti's presets for a while now and they're probably the best out! When I had my old laptop, the majority of her presets were free and so I had all of them, but now they aren't and my old computer died, which is unfortunate. But they're definitely worth the investment if you're looking to get some new presets.  


After I've gone through and made all of my desired edits, the exporting process is made super easy by using a "star system". On Lightroom, you have the ability to star pictures or rather "rate" them, so what I do is I rate the pictures I want to keep with a 4 or a 5, and then I filter my pictures by rating. When you get in the habit of doing this, you'll find that getting pictures edited and into a blog post is a lot quicker. You can also use this if you're editing two different sets of pictures, and use a 4 star, for example, for the good pictures for one group and then the 5 star for the other. After I've exported and named my pictures, I just upload to Flickr and I'm good to go! 

Hopefully you guys found this helpful and insightful! I think it's always interesting to see people's behind the scenes when it comes to blogging. Hope you have a good day! xoxo Isabelle 


Printemps Teaser | Rennes Roundup #3

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      I'm not sure if this was the case everywhere, meaning across France or even across the world, but last weekend was a clear taste of spring and summer. When I was doing my daily "weather check" (aka sticking my arm out the window), I could instantly feel the warmth of the sun and I could sense the summer-like day that upon us. Just about every Saturday, I go into town with my friends, to either shop or eat, and I almost always pass through the Parc du Thabor for a shortcut. If you remember my "Rennes | First Glimpse" post from when I first got here, the Thabor had a plentiful amount of roses and other vibrant flowers that created such a beautiful landscape. Despite the Thabor being void of it's copious amount of flowers, while walking amongst the flocks of people, you could just feel the warm weather joy radiating. For the first time in months, I ditched my winter jacket for a light cardigan and my boots for slip-on sneakers. The restaurant in the park that has been closed for winter was open for business and the patio was looming with people. After walking around with my friend Marisa for awhile, we eventually sat on a bench for a few hours and quite literally soaked up the sun while people watching.

Unfortunately, this weekend the cold decided to come back and the sun went into hiding once again- however, last weekend will forever be Rennes's first taste of the quickly arriving Spring season. I swear I'll be saying this in every post until I go home to America, but I simply can't believe March is halfway over, Spring break is less than a month away, and I only have two months left. While this is a shorter photo set, I thought'd I'd share these pictures nonetheless. Last night, I got to thinking about how little time I have left, and so I am going to be a little bit more sentimental with each day that passes. Hope these pictures bring a little warmth to your day! xx Isabelle 

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