Monday, November 17, 2014



Wearing:// Dress: Ba&Sh, Jacket: Aritzia (New Look Leather Jacket), Shoes: Vince (40% off!), Necklace: Topshop (Topshop Black Faceted Stone Collar)

            Only about two months late, France has finally caught up on the whole "fall foliage" concept. Coming from New Jersey, I'm used to the leaves changing slowly + beautifully, yet Rennes has only brought dark, fallen leaves practically over night. And with the leaves came colder weather and finally breaking out my winter coat, which didn't make an appearance in this shoot. Just you wait. However, last weekend it was actually slightly less cold, and I ever so bravely bared my legs. By nighttime, I was feeling a bit frigid- but at least I was wearing a cute outfit while doing it! I recently purchased this snake-looking dress from Ba&Sh, which when paired with my leather jacket, makes me feel some kind of edgy (as edgy as I can get, you know). However, instead of going out on the town for dinner, we had a quiet crepe and coffee sesh at Creperie Sainte Anne that day (two weekends ago). On a less glamorous note, this past weekend, we went and hiked up the Mont Saint Michel for the second time, which entailed architecture and a long Art History questionnaire. The night following our trip to the Mont Saint Michel, my friends and I attempted brownies with an oreo in the middle and cookie dough on the bottom, and then proceeded to watch 10 Things I Hate About You. I'm just blaming not having Pillsbury slice-and-bake cookie dough in France for why our brownies weren't too great...Let's just say we won't be "Cake Bosses" anytime soon. It was actually really funny though when I tried explaining the random concoction to my host mom and she was pretty confused, her being more accustomed to simple macaroons and croissants. 

Long time no talk everyone! My mini-hiatus this past week was due to some writer's block along the lines of having no ideas or time for shooting blog posts. However, I asked my wonderful Tumblr followers if anyone had some post requests and I think I've got some things in the works. That being said, I would love your thoughts as well- did you like the street style post? any routines? recipes? more outfits? etc, etc. Ask and you shall receive! In addition, if you were wondering what has been going on in France, I'd say that the holidays are definitely upon the French. I'm pretty sure it was mid-October when I saw winter snowflake-like lights being put up in town. And plus, we full on decorated the house the weekend and it looks like a Christmas wonderland, not going to lie. This is what happens when Thanksgiving is nonexistent, haha. Hoping you all are having a wonderful Monday! xoxo Isabelle 

P.S. Post title is in reference to the Zella Day song- go check it out!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

French Street-Style Guide // 1


          While documenting my own outfits was something bound to happen during my time in France, I've also been trying to figure out a way to share the style of the French. And what do you know, my mom comes up with a street style post idea! The other day when I went into town, I tried to sneakily take outfit pictures, which was difficult especially when people were on the move. I'll try to work on my paparazzi skills, I promise. (And lemme know what you think of more of these every so often!) Afterwards, I took these pictures and created some sets on Polyvore to correspond with these looks in a simpler fashion. I also had my fun with the polaroid title picture above, which put off some grueling Pre-calc work. Gotta love blogging. Hope you find this helpful! Don't forget to click on the sets if you want to see the items. xoxo
French Girl Look #1

         I'm not sure if it's just me, but the cold weather this year has been pretty unbearable for me. It's not that it's actually that cold in France, but I'm still in that "why-is-it-not-summer" "gimme-some-sunshine" phase. To combat the chill, oversized sweaters like this Mango one have been my go to. The great thing about them is that no one can judge you for bundling up, because you actually look adorable! Here, the stylish girl above paired a chunky sweater with some basic jeans and a killer houndstooth jacket. Wearing simple bases allows you to go all out on the accessories, whether it be your jacket or shoe choice. In this instance, I would say to stick to simple jewelry, maybe mixing metals, but not going too crazy beyond that. It's hard to tell in this picture, but she was also wearing coral nails, which is unexpected for fall but definitely works here. 

French Girl Outfit 3

         For some reason, this outfit reminds me of a stylish version of an outfit you'd see in a sci-fi movie. I could totally see Shailene Woodley wearing this in Divergent instead of the not so cute full body suits they wear. Or even Jennifer Lawrence in Mockingjay, when she is in distress while practically saving the world. *excuse that nerd moment/spoiler alert* Anyway, in addition to having sci-fi vibes going on, this look is also reads "cool city girl" to me. I've always been a huge fan of flat-form slip on sneakers paired with leather skirts- let alone hunter green leather skirts! Hunter green is a fall color that is hard to wear, but so chic when worn right. While leather is usually perceived as a dressy element, this is a perfect element of how easily it can be taken to a day time setting. Accessories wise, I love the unexpected quirky-touch her yellow Fjallraven backpack adds to what would've been a pretty monotone color scheme. 

French Girl Outfit 2

         This last look is what I like to think of as your classic European look. When most people think of European style, all black ensembles tend to come to mind. It's not necessarily true for everyone, but it does happen often. And in this case, this girl knew how to do all black in a way that was simple yet not too lackluster.  Walking down the street, what caught my eye about her outfit was her maroon beanie. Had she not been wearing the beanie, her outfit would've probably blended into the Rennes crowd and I wouldn't have noticed her rocker-chic outfit. I couldn't actually see her phone case, but the one above from Marc by Marc Jacobs  would go well with the metal in the jacket + a bunch of silver rings too. This would be a great outfit for a semi-casual fall outing (pumpkin patch, hayride, apple picking- aka all things France doesn't have) or even a concert. 


Friday, November 7, 2014



Wearing:// Sweater: Aritzia (Similar), Jacket: Ba&Sh (Light Before Dark Parka), Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Nike, Bag: Longchamp, Sunnies: Wildfox Couture 

        Only about a bajillion months later, I'm finally embracing the athletic trend. Ever since coming to France, I've been paying more attention to details (usually fashion related), and I've realized sneakers are a huge wardrobe necessity here. Initially, I was somewhat perplexed, because when I originally thought of the classic French style, I wasn't too quick to think of athletic wear. And contrary to popular belief, it's not all stripes and berets either. From Adidas Stan Smiths in multiple colors to the always trusty Nike Air Force in white, the French teens love ditching their edgy boots for casual sneakers. These shoes are also ideal for adding a little "somethin' somethin'" to a casual jeans and big cardigan combo (which is also a French fave)- and plus, they're perfect for a long day conquering the Rennes boutiques. Or even for strolling a magnificent chateau! I wore this outfit for the second day of our Loire Valley trip, when we visited the Chateau de Chambord, and my wonderful trainers kept my feet blister free. I'd say I've been wearing these shoes to death and they've been matching almost every outfit I've been wearing. I usually stick to things within my comfort zone, like Docs or Converse, but it's always fun to try out something new when it comes to fashion.  

      Speaking of the Loire Valley trip, I feel like I've been talking about the Toussaint break for practically a month! Even though this break was a little over a week, it felt like an eternity because we haven't had a break until now. However, after this break, we only have one day off in November leading up to our Christmas break. The agony!! Although today marks two months in France, which is still hard to believe. We supposedly are going to get progressively better with our french at a faster pace during this quarter, which is exciting/frightening, haha. To distract ourselves, we of course got the holiday feels going on today in our common room with some American Christmas music (justified by there not being Thanksgiving here). It made the next month seem some-what doable. Hope you guys are well! xoxo 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rennes Roundup #1 | Toussaint & Random


[Flower mania at the Saturday market in the Place Des Lices] my pic on the verge of 2,800+ notes on Tumblr!


[Amazing brownie ice-cream by La Visitation]


 [A hint of Halloween spirit in Rennes]


[The beach at Saint Malo]


['Kouign-amann' breton cakes]


[A contrast of old/new of the same building in Saint Malo]


[Hanging out with Carolyn's host sister's friends]


[Host mom's daughter's black cat Lola looking creepy]


[The main church in Rennes at sun down]




                                                   [Fall-ness in Rennes]

         Ever since I stepped foot in France, I've had my camera attached to my hip (more like attached around my neck, but you get the idea). Considering this fact, I decided I should do regular posts of new random pictures I've taken (that were not taken on a longer vacay), entitled "Rennes Roundups". Today's post is a roundup of pictures that I took after my "First Glimpse" post and over La Toussaint break. This break was pretty low key for me, as I only left Rennes for two days to go back to the beach. Our trip this time did not include the college students, but just my host mom's daughter's family. On the Saturday we drove up, we immediately went into town for the once-monthly market in Saint-Briac sur mer. It was on a smaller wavelength compared to the one of the Place Des Lices, however, it was just as good. Everyone was grabbing special ingredients in advanced prep for Christmas dinner. Besides just seeing the delicious warm bread and freshly made chocolate, the best part of our trip to the market was the taste tester bins! The idea of "goûter"-ing (tasting) everything is very prominent in France, and I've been trying to keep with that spirit as well. On Sunday, I woke up semi-early and drove to Saint-Malo with my host mom's son in law, where he gave me a grand tour of Saint-Malo. There is actually a ton of history to the beautiful beach town. I also got to quickly see the large race-boats for the Route Du Rhum, which brought a huge crowd of people. Other than our trip to the beach, I just hung out with my friends (once they returned from their beach vacations), went into town & ate, shopped the boutiques, and then repeated that cycle!! Haha. Hoping you enjoyed these photos! I also filmed a little video of one day when I went into town and it is now up on my Youtube Channel! Check it out below. Watch in HD too! xoxo


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Loire Valley


 1. The Château de Chambord, 2. Royal pottery at the Château de Blois, 3. Strutting out of the Château de Blois courtyard, 4. The Château de Chambord with Marisa, 5. Pretty flowers surrounding the Château d'Angers, 6. Looking out from the balcony of Chambord, 7. Olivia and Carolyn being weird at the Parc de Langeais, 8. Inside the Château de Blois staircase, 9. Intricate architecture at Chambord, 10. Little french kids looking out at the grassy front entrance of the Chambord, 11. With Nhyria, Emma, Olivia, Heather, Marisa, Hannah, and Carolyn at Chambord, 12. Walking towards the Château de Chenonceau, 13. The Parc de Langeais 

        Last week was the start of our first break, La Toussaint, which is a two week break across France. To kick off the much need vacation, we took a school trip around the Loire Valley, which is an area full of historical chateaus. We began the trip with a visit to the Chateau d'Angers, the single medieval chateau we visited. Constructed in stone with a simplistic layout, we could easily note the time period from our vast studies of chateaus in Art History. We were then taken on a guided visit of the Tenture de l'Apocalypse, which no, it does in fact not involve zombies. Bummer. After a bit of exploration there, we were taken to the donjon and park de Langeais. The park was a bit quirkier of an attraction, outfitted with cut-out figures and a treehouse too. The donjon was quite run-down and didn't have as much interest to everyone as the the cut-out figures (typical). After a bit of reliving our childhoods by playing on the swings, we set out for our quaint hotel in Tours. 

The next day had to be my favorite of all three. The day started with a quick visit to the Cathedral Saint-Gatien, which resembled the one which I visited when I went to Prague this summer. After admiring the colorful stain glass windows, we trekked on over to the Chateau de Blois. From my perspective, this chateau had a medieval feel in the sense of the earthy coloring, although it was created during the Middle-Ages. There we started to see different elements of a chateau that we had talked about in class, like the utterly-confusing double staircases. For lunch, we were able to go into the town of Blois to eat, and my friends and I ate some Italian food to curb our baguette addiction. Hunger a thing of the past, we made the much anticipated drive to the Chateau de Chambord. Of all of the chateaus, this is 100% the one we most heavily studied, including a test that I gracefully bombed (half-kidding). The second I descended from our coach-bus, I was in complete awe! For being just the hunting house of Francois 1er, this chateau was pretty incredible. The architecture alone was spectacular, but the rooms were just as lavish and fit for a king, despite his death before its completion. We were given almost the whole afternoon there, even though we really could've spent the entire day there. In addition to the actual building, the grounds were also worth exploring. 

Finally, we took on the Chateau de Chenonceau and the gardens of Catherine de Medicis and Diane de Poitiers. Prior to our visit, we were told that this chateau allegedly inspired Walt Disney's design of Cinderella's castle, which evokes the same fantasy feel. This chateau was a lot less large in comparison to Chambord, but it was the gardens and mini-maze that added to the charm of the smaller chateau. When I came back from this trip, I was asked more than once which chateau I had preferred, but it was hard to compare for me. Inside, Chenonceau has a homier feel, with cozy fire places and common-place furniture. On the other hand, Chambord has gold upon gold and an ornate style that I couldn't imagine living in today, yet it is incredible. Eventually, we left for lunch in the town of Amboise, which was a cheap cafe for us because we had spent a bit too much the day before. Practically sleep walking to the bus, the next thing on our agenda was a rather random visit to the Robert Tatin museum, who was a French artist.

Hopefully this recap isn't too long! This may seem silly, but I've already been enjoying looking back at blog posts from the very beginning of being in France, and I am glad that I have been posting pictures/text regarding my school year abroad. When it comes to school trips, we only have one more to the Mont Saint Michel (actually going on it), and then it'll be Christmas before I know it! Things are surely going quickly. I'll be back with another outfit soon enough, and then most likely another picture round up. If you have any other post requests, please leave me some below, otherwise this will probably turn into a strictly travel/outfit posts blog. Kidding. Have a wonderful day! xoxo


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